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William Boutros Farms is a secular agricultural enterprise founded in 1958 in Chekka Lebanon.
It all started with few hundred birds as a backyard poultry farm, now it is reaching an output capacity of 6 million birds / year.
The success story is due to continuous progress, dedication and quality control to ensure customer satisfaction.

WILCO PM Company was founded in 1992 by Mr. William BOUTROS and his family. This was a result of his expertise in the poultry field that came from his establishment for William BOUTROS Farms. With his expertise, he also helped many farmers in Mount Lebanon and in the north regions to join the agricultural work and establish broiler and breeder farms, and founded a modern feed plant, an advanced hatchery and a developed slaughterhouse. As a result of the great pains and giving the new generation a greater opportunity for extension, WILCO PM Company was founded.
The Company provides work opportunities for more than three hundred families.

A store for wholesale and retail trade was established in the locality of Nahr Ibrahim, in which are exposed all the Company products of chicken and derivatives, as well as some home made fresh industries like: Tawouk, Kafta, Kebbeh and Pané.

We have a marketing office in Beirut to facilitate the salesmen’ work and the customers’ revisions.

From the environment side, the company irrigates more than 30000 sq.m. Land, which was planted with banana, avocado, walnut, orange, roses, and pomegranate... after recycling the water to make it suitable for irrigation, all this was planted in chalk lands surrounding the factory, after doing researches on the quality of soil and quality of water required to draw.

Offal resulting from slaughtering is buried daily in a hygienic burier after covering it with lime.

The transmitted expertise which the company owners have, as well as the acquired knowledge by following up rehabilitation sessions and the developments in poultry field which William BOUTROS Farms provide, as well as the close contact with WILCO PM Company, make possible for us to give a high quality product, the thing that fortified the confidence of the trader and customer in the company and helped the selling's to grow between 10% and 20% yearly. Therefore we reached the highest growth levels in the poultry field in Lebanon.

Taking into consideration the hard economical situation in our country, we persist on providing the best quality and least cost price to the consumer.